Turn your item into cash by consigning through us and get up to 80% of the selling price!

STEP 1: Let us know more about your item

Let us know more about your item

Tell us about your item by completing this form (must have a google account). You may also send us an email at [email protected] containing the following information:

  • What kind of item do you want to consign?
  • We accept designer bags, watches, jewelry and gadgets.
  • What are the complete details of your item?
  • What is the brand, model, and specifications?
  • When did you purchase the item?
  • What is the current condition of the item? (brand new, used, has scratches or stains, etc.)
  • What comes with (box, dust bag, charger, etc…)
  • Upload photos of your item. No photos means automatic rejection.
  • How can we contact you?
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number

STEP 2: Let us check your item

Send us your item or drop it off at our office.

STEP 3: Get paid!

Get paid when we have sold your item.

All consigned items undergo testing and authenticity inspections. We only accept items that are authentic and not damaged.

Why pawn your preloved Designer Bags with Dream Luxury Philippines?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need quick cash without going through the hassles of someone else asking for your credit history, Dream Luxury Philippines might just be the one who can help you get out of that rut.

Here at Dream Luxury Philippines, we recognize the value of prized possessions and have created a new way for people to pawn. We provide an easy, fair, and convenient way of overcoming short-term cash needs simply by using technology from having your item appraised, to getting the item to us, and getting the cash right in your bank account. We are also committed to giving back a competitive rate for your item’s worth, after they undergo a thorough inspection by our team of top-notch appraisers.

Why Dream Luxury Philippines?
Dream Luxury Philippines is an easy way to divest unwanted heirloom, gadgets with a newer model out in the market, or any of your personal items in for quick cash.

  •     We offer interest rates as low as 2.89% (which is half of the current rate pawnshops in the Philippines are currently offering).
  •    We guarantee a higher appraisal value for your items.
  •     We are committed to giving you a fair transaction and dislike hidden costs and penalties for late payments just like you. None of that here!
  •     You are free to pawn anything, from virtually anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection. We also provide free and fully insured pick up for the items that you want to pawn.            

Dream Luxury Philippines is at the helm of transforming the way people pawn items in such a way that we make it more convenient for you. Interested to pawn? Read our step-by-step guide and start turning your closet-space filler into instant cash!

If your item has minor scratches, dents or stains, we may still accept them depending on the overall condition.
If you have any questions or would just like to speak with us, just give us a ring at +639177720135 or [email protected]