Tips for buying investment bags

Sure enough, a luxury bag is an investment. Some brand names, especially the classic and limited-edition designs remain valuable today. Here are a few tips for women who are looking for the perfect “investment” luxury bag.

1. Check how much money you have
Buying a luxury bag is not a necessity. As such, when you are setting aside money to invest in a luxury bag, it should not come out of your budget for living expenses like school tuition.

2. Look for iconic and classic designs
Many of the famous fashion houses with recognizable bag designs produce a lot of different styles every season. But the iconic and classic designs remain the same. The Hermes Kelly bag has been around since the 1950s and the design remained the same. Many of these brands created bags that transcended trends, stood the test of time, and still remained fashionable.

Investing in the classics is wiser than spending too much on trends that come and go. Lugatiman advises to look for something classy and feminine, a design that you can use for a long time.

3. Research on the bag you want to buy
“When buying an expensive luxury bag, I recommend going through the history, the tradition of the brand, and knowing it thoroughly before investing in it,” said Lugatiman.

4. Beware of fraud and buy only from the luxury brand’s boutique
Lugatiman further warned against online scammers who sell fake bags. Since it is an investment, don’t scrimp and buy from a boutique. There might be temptation to buy a fake, stock overrun or OEM bag, but it will hurt you on a long run.

How to start selling designer handbags online

If you are interested in starting a business as a designer handbag reseller, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First, there are several ways to do it. You can manage your online consignment, sell in an online marketplace, or use a social media platform for marketing your goods. Each of these options has distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider.

What is a designer handbag consignment?

To consign a product means the owner will let you sell the bag for a commission. Designer handbag consignmentis very popular in countries like Japan and the US. Many consignment stores cater to celebrities because of the trust they have built with their clientele. Consigning designer handbags in the Philippines is a relatively new idea. But the market is significant, and there are diamonds on the rough worth discovering. However, making a mark as an online consignment store will take time, effort, and a lot of research.

Selling through an online marketplace

Most sellers start their business through an online marketplace because of the extensive captive market. Online marketplaces provide both sellers and buyers with protections and guarantees and an overall hassle-free transaction. Nonetheless, the primary challenge in selling through an online marketplace is how to stand out against the competition. Not only do you need to devote your time in monitoring your progress, but you also need to market your product effectively to succeed in an online marketplace.

Who is and what services do they offer? is part of the AVA Online Group Inc. based in Makati City, Philippines. It is a fashion company with its own clothing line, among others. is their online store that specializes in luxury handbag selling and consignment. They also offer a concierge service within select cities in Metro Manila, but they don’t offer online designer bags pawn service.

Like Dream Luxury Cebu, also guarantees clients that they are only buying 100% authentic luxury designer handbags with a money-back guarantee. However, this seller does not accept pawned bags or offer layaway payment terms. The main difference between the two websites is that Dream Luxury Cebu is owned and operated by one person, while is part of a big company.