Traditionally, people look up to their pieces of jewelry or proof of ownership of real properties when
problems arise that need a considerable amount of money. Nowadays, pawning of items is given a new
face – they are now accepting anything valuable like designer bags in exchange for cash. Since luxury
handbags are not only used to display an elegant accessory but are also considered as an investment,
their value is usually maintained, and certain brands are estimated to double-up their prices for the next
ten years or more.

In the Philippines, some pawnshops, like N-Cash and include designer bags in their pawnable lists and
give their clients great deals out of these valuable items. Since luxury bags have high importance to their
respective owners, pawning is not just about appraising the right price but also getting the convenient
transactions and assurance that their pieces of stuff will be handled with the utmost respect. To give
light on which to choose between N-Cash and Pawn Hero, a better understanding of their background,
services, terms, and policies must be considered before entrusting them a designer handbag in time of
need for cash.

The period of existence and popularity

One of the bases of testing the credibility of these pawnshops is to know who long they have been in the
industry and how well they performed during these periods. N-Cash was established in 2006 and said to
be the pioneer in the electronics and personal items pawnshop in the Philippines. On the other hand,
Pawn Hero was founded eight years behind when N-Cash started. In 2014, Pawn Hero opened a more
convenient way of pawning as they were considered to be the first online pawnshop in the country.

Although N-Cash has an edge in terms of the period of existence, Pawn Hero is faster to reach broad
audiences because of their online character in pawning valuable items.

Pawnable items and appraisal of value

Unlike traditional pawnshops, both N-Cash and Pawn Hero are not limited to pawning jewelry but also
include other stuff in exchange for quick cash. N-cash can give a maximum loanable amount of
pawnable items such as electronics, vehicles, watches, designer bags, and other things. Their appraisal in
value is based on their extensive and current knowledge on the products to give their clients what the
amount they deserve in pawning such item.

On the side of Pawn Hero, they accept precious metals, gemstones, luxury items including designer
bags, and expanded the pawnable things to electronic gadgets, musical instruments, and other valuable
pieces. Unlike in N-Cash, which uses the face-to-face method in appraising items to be pawned, Pawn
Hero provides a free appraisal of things by sending photos and details of the items online. The pawners
are guided with their user-friendly online platform where Pawn Hero made their scrutiny of the
pawnable items in a more discreet manner.

Modes of transaction

The efficiency of pawnshops can be measured if they can provide cash in the fastest way. N-cash pays on
the spot after the physical inspection and appraisal of the items to be pawned. While Pawn Hero
provides free cash cards to customers that can also be used for personal banking transactions, but this
will be given after they picked-up the items.

Storage and securities of items

Both N-Cash and Pawn Hero give their assurances that the things pawned to them will be carefully
handled while in their possession through their secured storage facilities. They also seal the items right
in front of their pawners with other security processes to ensure that the goods will not be tampered or
replaced by other stuff. N-Cash offers a “check on your items” during office hours, while Pawn Hero
provides insurance for items pawned to them.

The decision where to pawn, whether on N-Cash or Pawn Hero, depends on the customer’s preference.
These pointers will only serve as a guide to get quick cash out of the valuable designer bags.